General instructions and restrictions regarding our rental services.

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General Terms


All prices are subject to 25% VAT, according to Greek Tax legislation. The price you see in the last step on our reservation form is the total price with no extra cost at the top.

Second Driver

You can add as many additional drivers as you want and it's free. All you need to do is write their details on the contracts.


Petrol or diesel consumed during the rental period agreed is paid by the renter.

At the end of the rental period, the renter must deliver the car with the same amount of fuel or more. If the fuel is less, the renter is charged accordingly.

Driver’s License

A valid driver's license held for at least one year is required.

We accept original drivers licenses for EU member countries. For all others, an international driver's license is required.

Cancellation Policy

We offer full refunds for customers up to 48 hours before the booking was to take place. No cancellation fees will be applied. However, if you choose to pay online, banking fees may apply in returning your money.

If you request a cancellation in less than 48 hours, we reserve the right not to refund your money.

Age Requirements

The minimum age limit for driving a rental car is 21.
The maximum age limit for driving a rental car is 75.

Keep in mind that you have to drive to a foreign country, an island with sometimes narrow roads and in summer where traffic is high. Ideally, you should be a driver for at least a year to have comfort and confidence behind the wheel.

Traffic Fines

Any fines and penalties resulting from violations of Greek traffic law during the rental period burden exclusively the tenant.

Flight Delays

If you choose to pick up your car from the airport, our staff will be waiting for you at the arrival with your name clearly on display. In case of a delay, there will be no penalties.

If you know your flight will be delayed, it is important to contact us straight away by email, or you can text us.

Minimum Rental Duration

The minimum rental duration of our cars for summer is two days. If you want a car for less than two days, contact us.

Vehicle Cleaning Charge

If you return the car very dirty, you will be charged 20€ (including VAT) for the cleaning of the vehicle.


Third-Party Insurance – Liability (TPI or TPL)

It's included in the rental cost. The renter’s liability is covered for material damages, death, and bodily injuries to third parties.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

It's included in the rental cost. This insurance covers the driver and the passengers in case of an accident.

Fire Insurance

It's included in the Full Damage Waiver.

Collision Damage Waiver C.D.W.

It's included in the rental cost. With this insurance, in case of damage, the renter’s liability is limited to an excess amount. For groups Mini, Economy and Compact, the excess amount is 600€. For groups Full Size, Crossover, SUV, Convertible and multi seaters, the excess amount is 900€.
This insurance does not cover damages to glass parts (windshield & mirrors), wheels, tires and the underside of the car.

Warranty Amount for Collision Damage Waiver C.D.W.: A valid credit card in the driver’s name is required as a guarantee. Cash is also acceptable for Secure Deposit. The excess amount (600€ or 900€, depends on the chosen group). This amount will no longer be available for immediate use and may take up to 14 days, depending on your bank, to become available.

Full Damage Waiver (Full Insurance)

With this optional insurance, you are covered for the most minor common accidents that can happen to you. That means that F.D.W. offers cover to the full body of the vehicle for scratches and bumps, to glass parts (windshield & mirrors), wheels and tires. Please note that the bottom of the car is not covered. There is no insurance that covers it. You must therefore be careful and not drive off the road. This insurance cover is optional and the extra cost depends on the group of the chosen vehicle.

Warranty Amount for Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W.): A valid credit card or debit card is required as a guarantee. The amount of 200€ will be authorized against your credit card at the time of the rental. This amount will no longer be available for use and may take up to 25 days, depending on your bank, to become available. Cash is also acceptable for secure deposits.

Theft insurance

Theft insurance is included in the F.D.W. and with this insurance, you are fully covered in case of theft. This insurance doesn't cover in case the theft occurred because of negligence (e.g. keys left either in the ignition or inside the vehicle). This insurance also doesn't cover theft of personal belongings.

What is not covered by any insurance:

  • Damage due to traffic law violation.
  • Damage due to inappropriate driving or negligence.
  • Damage caused by the driver for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Damage caused by an unauthorized driver.
  • Damage to the interior of the car.
  • Loss or Damage or Theft of keys.
  • Loss or Damage to the vehicle’s child seats, jack, safety triangle, spare wheel, petrol cap.
  • Damage to the engine through negligence.
  • Damage to the engine by use of wrong fuel.
  • Damage caused by using the vehicle off-road or not on appropriate roads.
  • Damage caused willfully or recklessly by the renter e.g. (burning out the clutch, burning out the tires, sitting or standing on the bonnet, or the roof or the boot lid of the vehicle.

We understand that much of the above may seem obscure or written in a legal style.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

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